Saturday 8th June 2024

I was at the Birmingham Engineering Expo on Thursday. It was pretty cool


Tuesday 5th March 2024

Recently I have noticed that the sites activity is being updated whenever im not even signed in


Monday 12th Febuary 2024

So there's this thing with the ucrtbase.dll isnt working. What you need to do is

Go to your Command Prompt BUT you run as Administrator. right next to C:\WINDOWS\system32> you type "sfc /scannow" and then press Enter then it will scan your computer system, if it for some reason stops scanning for no reason you can try this again.

When the system scan is completed you now go to the home button (logo at the bottom left) and you go to "Windows System" > "Control Panel" and then click "Programs" and then click "Programs and Features" but it will say "Uninstall" and "Change" click change.

You will then see a list of programs BUT go to the one thats says "Microsoft Visual C++" (the most recent one) click on it and it will ask you to repair.


Sunday 10th December 2023



Thursday 23rd November 2023

Oh wow another Thursday another Update, I'm changing my text-2-speech to a ASCII printer as my lil starter project and im also working on another project for fun based, Thank You BassProShop for following the Site


Thursday 16th November 2023

Well I got some CSS done its not complete but it'll stay this way for now. I'm also working on a text-2-speech FireFox extension in JavaScript, I'll let you now when thats complete and when I have a Mozilla account


Thursday 2nd November 2023

The Java and C++ books I got were outdated so I might just fuck around with JavaScript and see what I can do with it, Thank You DeadBabies2 for following the Site


Thursday 19th October 2023

I got some Java and C++ books so I'm gonna practice some shit with them, Thank You ThoughtCrimes for following the Site


Sunday 1st October 2023

I'll leave the site like this for now, I might do some CSS in about I DONT FUCKING KNOW I'LL DO IT SOMEDAY, also a Thank You to /Pol/ News Network and Lime360 Entertainment


Sunday 24th September 2023

changed the style of the site cause the old way it looked was plain and boring as fuck, NOW I can to work on some new shit and maybe people will actually check out the site and also a Thank You to WizardsPerspective and HillofDark00 for being my 1st 2 followers much appreciated pal


Thursday 21st September 2023

Shøckware is now online. I plan on making pro-privacy and all other kinds of software and shit. You can donate crypto to support us, but only either Monero and Dash. The site hosting ours is I got back into Shøckware on the 16th December 2022 but at the time I was too fucking lazy of a cunt which is why it took quite long, but now I'm going to focus on this site and make some good shit for it and for you to try out. I dont have anything else add really, Thanks for checking out the site :)